Nilkanth Hariharan

Asia Pacific Operations, Unstoppable Domain

Nilkanth currently leads the Asia Pacific Operations for Unstoppable Domains (Forbes 2022 Best Startup Employers) helping users own their own digital identity on the decentralised web. In his current role - he is an evangelist for Web 3.0 technologies helping users across Asia leverage the power of Blockchain/Crypto based technologies for financial inclusion, better credit & financing and global market access. Of particular interest is the 65M+ SMSE’s in India which can leverage the power of Blockchain based Digital Identity, Web 3.0 technologies and NFT’s to become digital natives and showcase their products and services and get access to global markets thereby increasing their revenue and profitability

Nilkanth is a seasoned business professional with 20+ years of experience in sales, marketing and general management. A proven business strategist and leader who has a long and distinguished track record of serving corporate boards - revenue growth, top and bottom line increases, improved operating procedures and efficiency, lower costs, expanded markets, high customer satisfaction, and enhanced competitive advantage. Throughout his career of more than 20+ years of executive management, sales/marketing, general management and consulting experience, have gained wide industry recognition for my consistent success in achieving sustained revenue and profit gains within the highly competitive IT, software and services markets of India and South Asia. Sales expertise equally spread working for large corporates like IBM and smaller enterprise software companies in the range of 50 -300M $ annual revenue and established thought leader in the Asia Pacific Tech industry.

Nilkanth has been a regular speaker at various forums and conferences like Economic Times CIO Summit, IBM Leadership Summits, multiple Nasscom forums & events in the past.